Grandfather killed by 'jellyfish' in South Africa

Ruth Doherty
Grandfather killed by jellyfish in South Africa
Grandfather killed by jellyfish in South Africa

Stock photo: PA

A grandfather has died after being stung by a swarm of jellyfish-like creatures in Cape Town, South Africa.

Roland Singh, 58, was taking a dip with his granddaughter and friends in the sea when he was stung by the Portuguese Man o'Wars and suffered an anaphylactic shock reaction.

Cape Town emergency spokesman Wilfred Solomons-Johannes confirmed the fatal sting, telling the Daily Mail: "It is believed that the man suffered severe anaphylactic shock as a result of the sting by the blue bottle jellyfish.

"His friend recovered him from the water with the assistance of the lifeguards.

"Upon recovery the lifeguards initiated CPR until the arrival of the emergency services

"The paramedics attempted to revive the man however their attempts were unsuccessful."

Mr Solomons-Johannes said that human deaths from Portuguese Man o' Wars, also known as bluebottles, were very rare but that it is possible for people prone to allergies to suffer an extreme reaction to the toxins in the venom, which can lead to fever, heart and lung failure and death.

This particular kind of creature is far more common in warmer seas, including areas around South Africa, Australia and the Pacific, but scientists have warned that global warming could see them moving into British waters.

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