Bring home Top Gear's Wilf campaign gaining pace

Mini Cooper S
Did you watch the Top Gear India special over Christmas? What did you think? Well, according to various sources it attracted quite a bit of flack from motoring enthusiasts. Still, despite this, 4.4 million tuned in.

Possibly the most criticism on the show came from Classic Mini owners, with many saying "they would never watch the BBC2 motoring show again", after what happened to Richard Hammond's Cooper Sports.
Personally, I didn't think much had changed from the usual Top Gear specials format and enjoyed watching it. With Jeremy Clarkson, Hammond and James May taking three cars somewhere extreme and basically trashing them along the way.

However, I admit I did wince when they ripped the face off the Mini, when foolishly trying to tow May's Rolls up a steep incline.

Anyway, the Mini's previous owner spotted her former car and was none too pleased to see what happened to him on the show. Affectionately known as Wilf, a website and Facebook page have been set up to bring him home from India.

This is basically as the show intimated that the cars would be left on plinths in India. Even though there have been various unconfirmed reports that Wilf has made it home, been repaired, taxed and is now part of Hammond's personal car collection.

Still, the campaign seems to be gaining momentum, with 359 likes on the Facebook page alone. Could this be the biggest scandal since the show enraged the Morris Marina Owner's club?

I'm sure all will become clear on the next series of Top Gear, but until then you can watch the fateful moment when the Cooper Sport's panels peeled off the car. I'd advise squeamish Classic Mini owners to look away now.

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