Video: Man tries to overtake tram. Predictability swoops in.

Car crashes into tram
You know that feeling you get when you're driving along and you see someone coming the wrong way down the road, showing no sign of slowing down and seemingly set in their ways? Horrible, isn't it? The pit of your stomach goes all wibbly and you either have to brace for impact or do your finest Hamilton impression and get out of trouble.
We can only imagine what the numpty in the white van was thinking when he decided to beat the traffic by taking the tram line and trying for a cheeky overtake. You see, the brilliant thing about trams is that they're on their own, specially made track. Just for them. They can't swerve. At all.

White van man picked the wrong time to try and overtake.

Watch the video below and try not to cringe too much. Oh, and learn something from his example – don't drive on tram lines. They're for trams, not vans.

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