Car crime stress: worriers revealed

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A survey has revealed that we are more worried than ever about our motors. Almost three quarters of us are stressed about the risk of our car being stolen or broken into.

So where are the biggest worriers, and should they be so concerned?

Biggest worriers

Car insurer Admiral found that drivers in the East Midlands, and Yorkshire are most concerned, with 80% in those regions worrying about their car being stolen or broken into. Meanwhile motorists in Scotland have the most relaxed stance, with 63% worrying about it.

Some have more to worry about than others. The research found that particular cars are more at risk. Analysis of claims found that the most commonly stolen cars were the Nissan Sunny, BMW X6, Audi RS6, Nissan Figaro and Mitsubishi Spacewagon. Meanwhile, the ones most likely to be broken into were the Nissan Figaro, Citroen C8, BMW 730, Audi RS4 and Peugeot 807.

However, while owners of these cars may want take extra care by parking it in a well lit area, not leaving items on show, and making sure their keys are kept in a safe and secure place, there may be good reason for everyone to calm down just a little bit.

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Car crime stress: worriers revealed



The good news

Admiral's claims statistics show that the number of cars being stolen or broken into has dropped dramatically over the past decade. In fact, in 2011 0.16% of motorists insured by Admiral had their car stolen compared to 0.54% in 2001. Car break-ins show a similar pattern, as ten years ago 0.61% of motorists insured by Admiral had their car broken into compared to 0.16% in 2011.

Dave Halliday, Admiral managing director, said:"Modern cars have excellent security features with manufacturers making them more and more difficult to steal, which must have some impact on the number stolen or broken into."

So why are we so worried?

These figures don't tell the whole story. In some areas of the country, car crime is still rampant, particularly among older vehicles. In some parts of London, a police officer will no longer come out to a car that has been broken into, as they just don't have the time to record and investigate even a small fraction of the myriad of car crimes. In other parts of many cities joyriding is as much a hobby for the under 16s as snogging and illicit drinking.

However, there is an element of fear that is less rational and more instinctive. Halliday said: "This anxiety could be linked to a general sense of unease about the state of the country and the economy in particular, our cars are after all, one of the most valuable things we own."

If you live in a safe area, drive a new car and take sensible safety precautions, there's every chance that you can afford to dial down the nerves and work on the basis your car will still be where you parked it when you return.

But what do you think? Are you worried about car crime? Do you have good reason to be concerned? Let us know in the comments.

Percentage who worry about their car being stolen or broken into

=1st Yorkshire 80%
=1st East Midlands 80%
3rd London 79%
4th East of England 78%
5th North East 75%
6th South East 74%
=7th North West 73%
=7th West Midlands 73%
9th South West 71%
10th Wales 70%
11th Scotland 63%
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