Sales of DVDs declined during 2011

Picture of Peter KayDVD sales fell 7.2% in 2011 compared to 2010 as the inexorable rise of downloading continued to bite into High Street retail operations. A press release on the British Video Association's website points to December sales being 8.4% higher than they were for the same month in 2010, which brought cheer to some as artists such as Peter Kay (pictured) sold well, but there's no disguising the overall trend - people are getting accustomed to being able to get whatever entertainment they want on a screen or on audio without budging.
The actual figures were that consumers in the UK bought £1.75bn worth of DVDs and Blu-Rays in the UK during 2011. £473.3m of this happened in December, which is clearly even more disproportionate than a normal Christmas season would allow.

Two conclusions

There are two obvious conclusions from these figures. One is that although December was good, the buying pattern suggests people are now more likely to buy DVDs as gifts than for themselves - they can no longer justify the expense.

The other is that people are becoming more inclined to download than to buy a physical space-consuming object.

It may however be reassuring to Brits that the best sellers were British or international with a strong British flavour. Peter Kay, Harry Potter, The Inbetweeners and The King's Speech all did extremely well. Longer term the entertainment industry is likely to continue growing positively but the people who sell the physical copies rather than the equally high resoliution downloads will need to work out just how they're going to earn a crust.
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