Saab will begin production again. Sort of.

The headline doesn't lie – Saab will begin production again. But only to finish the cars left on the production line.

There are around 100 left on the line ready to be finished and sold/let out into the wider world for people to buy, put in museums or to be kept in storage for the likes of Top Gear to find them several years later and drop pianos on them (see the video below).The news comes from Saabs United, which says that a small group of employees will be trundling back into the plant to stick bits of trim together, tighten bolts, polish headlamps and send them on their merry way.

Saab's downfall is well documented and many will lament the loss of the Swedish brand. There is renewed hope for the company, though, as new buyers may yet be found. A new Saab may not be a bad proposition after all.

Source: Saabs United
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