Lodgy MPV to join Dacia line-up

Dacia is due to lift the covers off its first MPV at the Geneva motor show in March.

Named Lodgy, it will be available in five- or seven-seat guises, with Dacia claiming ample room for adults, even in the rearmost row.
It should be reasonably priced too. With the forthcoming Dacia Duster predicted to cost around £12,000, the Lodgy should be similarly competitive, and could be just the answer for those looking for a safe family workhorse on a budget.

However, no decision has yet been made on whether the Lodgy will make it to the UK. If given the green light, it should be launched alongside the Duster Crossover and Sandero Supermini in January 2013.

A racing version of the Lodgy has also been entered into France's Trophée Andros ice racing championship. Driven by no less than former F1 World Champion Alain Prost, there surely can't be a better way to inject some cool into what is – let's face it – a box to cart your offspring around in.

It all looks rather appealing, except for the name. Dacia says Lodgy was derived from the word 'lodge', and was chosen as a direct reference to the model's ability to accommodate passengers and luggage. It's a bit like Lamborghini calling its next car Shouty.
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