BMW teams up with K2, creates M Division... skis?

Perhaps in an attempt to beef up its rather limited off road credentials, BMW's M Division has partnered with snow specialists K2 to produce a special set of downhill skis.

Based on the K2 SideShow, the limited run skis are dubbed 'K2 LTD BMW M Design Edition' and feature the M-Sport colours and the BMW roundel at the tips. The bases are finished in a tyre-tread pattern. You know, to help you remember that BMW makes cars.

Unusually for such a merchandising exercise, the skis will not be sold at a massively inflated price on the BMW website.

Instead they will be given away in promotional schemes across European ski resorts, with those wanting a pair having to collect 'badges' to trade in for a set. Collect five and you're entered into a raffle for a set, collect 15 and you could be in the running for a shiny new X1.

Unfortunately you can't win a set by bobbling around the Cairngorms - you'll have to hit up one of 13 resorts in Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.
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