Video: Ken Block goes gravel testing in Twin Peaks

Ken Block Fiesta rally car
Ken Block, usually known for his crazy gymkhana videos, is actually a rally driver by trade. Though his signature style involves changing direction as stylishly as possible, he's actually the top driver for the Monster (as in energy drink/headache in a can) World Rally Team.

Ken needed to test his well known (especially if you've played DiRT 3) H.F.H.V. Ford Fiesta rally car on gravel, so took it to the Dirtfish Rally School in Snoqualmie Falls.
If you're a fan of obscure television references you'll know just where the Dirtfish School is – Twin Peaks.

The show, created by David 'Eraserhead' Lynch, stars Kyle 'Orson Hodge' MacLachlan as an FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of a murder in the small (and very, very strange) town of Twin Peaks.

Ken's latest vid splices footage of his dinky Fiesta belting through the forest with clips from the show. Do look out for the llama.

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