Tata Nano rival could become world's cheapest car

Bajaj RE60
A revolutionary new car showed its teeny face to the world yesterday – the Bajaj RE60.
Developed by Indian firm Bajaj Auto, the RE60 is a frugal four-seater expected to knock the Tata Nano off its perch as the world's cheapest car.

With a 20cc engine that tops out at 43mph, it's not going to win any races, but it boasts a claimed 22 miles on just one litre of fuel and emits only 60g/km of CO2.

Compare that to the Nano 's 101g/km of carbon emissions and 14.6 miles per litre of petrol and the Bajaj looks mightily impressive.

There's no word on price yet, but it is expected that the RE60 will undercut the base model Nano in an effort to attract drivers looking for outright economy rather than (ahem) performance.

We're quite fond of the looks, even if it does resemble a Postman Pat car. Just imagine that front end as a kind of squashed Kia Picanto.

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Bajaj RE60
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