Video(s): Porsche gets indie directors to create ads. Hearts will melt.

Porsche 911 cabriolet
If Porsche were a person he'd be called Steven. Not Steve, but Steven. He'd enjoy marathon running, spotting the plot holes in films, good design and deriding anything that doesn't have more than one use. Steven does not like the idea of a Caterham.

Steven wants something that can do everything he wants it to. Which is lucky, because he makes 911s, Caymans (Caymen?) and the like. Steven knows that people like his cars and that they keep them for ever and ever, occasionally reminiscing about a wonderful trip or moment his car has given them.

He knows his product is brilliant, but doesn't quite know how to get that message across.

So Steven asked some creative types to make some films of his cars to show how magical they can be. To reflect how something like a 911 can seep into every pore of someone's life and create many happy, precision cut, memories. Look at it this way – if 911s aren't pretty awesome, why have they been around for over 40 years?

Porsche held a competition to see who could create the best film to reflect the brand, its cars and how they really do bring such joy to people's lives. The winner, by way of recompense, received a shiny 911 to keep for a whole year.

We've got two of the runners up and the winning film here. If you're of a nervous disposition or are prone to a good weep, so take heed – the winning flick does tug at the heart strings somewhat.

Runner up one

Runner up two

The winner...

Source: YouTube via Car Scoop
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