37 people hit with vomiting bug on cruise from London to Tenerife

37 people hit with bug on cruise from London to TenerifePA

At least 29 passengers on board a cruise from Britain to Tenerife have come down with a nasty vomiting bug.

The Marco Polo ship, which is carrying 738 holidaymakers and 360 crew members, will be returning to the Tilbury dock in London today.

But in the meantime, 29 passengers and eight crew members were being isolated and treated in their cabins.

One passenger on board told the Mirror that the trip had been a "complete disaster", saying: "There are bags marked human waste everywhere and staff are wearing masks.

"It is like something out of a film. They have closed the coffee stations but the bar is still open. But all the public toilets have been shut and we have been told to use our own in our cabins.

"But our cabin is miles away from anywhere."
Tour operator Cruise & Maritime confirmed a number of people had fallen ill, but insisted that "passengers and crew are fully aware and reminded of good hygiene practices on board".

The company's director, Richard Bastow, also added that the ship is regularly inspected by UK Port Health Authorities.

The Marco Polo will be disinfected before setting off on another cruise tonight.

Back in July 2009, around 400 people fell ill with the norovirus bug on the same ship.

The news follows last year's revelation that a ship docked in America with two dead passengers after a cruise to Bermuda.

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