New Year's Eve to be 'hotter than Spain and Morocco'

New Year's Eve to be 'hotter than Spain and Morocco'Bathers enjoy the mild weather at the Thermae Bath Spa. Photo: PA

Anyone counting down to midnight outdoors this evening will be in for a treat - some parts of Britain are set to be warmer Morocco, Spain and Iraq.

According to the Mirror, the South East will be the warmest, enjoying temperatures of up to 15C.

But, says The Met Office, everywhere will enjoy 'double figures'. A spokesman said: "It's great news for everybody wanting to be outside when the clock strikes midnight.

"We're looking at the potential of New Year's Eve being one of the warmest on record. Everyone will experience double figures and we're expecting London and the South East to be warmest of all."

Thew news is sure to please the 250,000 revellers who will line London's Southbank 12,000-strong fireworks display tonight, and everyone getting ready to enjoy the Hogmanay party in Edinburgh - which will include fireworks and a concert by Primal Scream -will be able to do so in balmy temps of around 12C.

The news comes as the Met Office revealed 2011 was the UK's second warmest on record, with the mean temperature being 9.6C, according to the Metro.

We enjoyed the warmest spring ever, and the second warmest autumn, but summer was a disappointment.

The warmest temperature of the year in the UK occurred on 27 June in Gravesend, Kent, when sunbathers enjoyed 91.5F (33.1C) weather.

New Year's Day is also set for a 'mini heatwave', with temperatures of 14C predicted, but by Monday the mercury will drop back to between 5C and 8C.

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