Video: Is this REALLY what happens to your luggage after check-in?

 Video: Is this what REALLY happens to your luggage after check-in?YouTube

Ever wondered just exactly what happens to your luggage after it's passed through the check-in desk and into suitcase no-man's-land?

Delta Airlines asks the very same question in its new video, that tracks one bag's journey from check-in to pick-up.

According to USA Today, the company produced the footage to promote its new bag-tracking app for mobiles, and says: "Well, we rigged a bag with six cameras and sent it on its way from Atlanta to New York, just so you could find out (where your bags go)! This is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at some of the people, places and things your bag encounters on its way to get from Point A to Point B."

Around 250,000 people have already viewed the video on YouTube.

But, while some say the account is accurate others, as the Daily Mail points out, were quick to highlight the fact that it doesn't show any of the things that can go wrong, like damage, missing items or lost cases.

One user said: "I wonder what would have happened if the baggage handlers didn't know they were being filmed", while another added: "Forgot the part where TSA rips open your bag, breaks a few things, and half zips it up."

According to the Mirror, another user joked: "You forgot the part where they wait half a hour before turning the baggage claim conveyor belt on."

See what you think below:

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