Microsoft planning 'superphones' for 2012

Computing giant Microsoft is planning to tackle its Apple and Android smartphone rivals head-on with a new generation of "superphones" in 2012, a leaked 'roadmap' has revealed.

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Sales of Windows Mobile phones have been slow so far, despite the introduction of Nokia's Lumia 800 handset pictured - with Windows devices having just a 1.3 per cent share of the market.

By contrast, phones using Google's Android OS account for around half the smartphone market - so bosses at Microsoft are keen not to be late to the party again.

With this in mind, it's new phones are expected to feature super-high definition screens, massively powerful multi-core processors and the ability to connect over next generation mobile broadband - dubbed 4G.

There will also be a new version of the Windows Mobile operating system, which is currently being called Apollo.

Other strategic moves for 2012 will include a push to get more "downmarket" devices using Windows Mobile and later in the year an attempt to woo the corporate market - where it sees an opportunity in the wake of Blackberry's much-publicised problems.

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