Council to link benefits to behaviour

London riotsIn the aftermath of last summer's riots, David Cameron announced plans to cut the benefits of those involved in looting but many felt it didn't go far enough.

After all, there's more than one way to work the system but now Westminster Council has decided to grasp the nettle and face down the problem of anti-social behaviour from those who receive council tax benefits. The council has warned its 23,000 benefits claimants that their handouts will be linked to their behaviour if it has its way.Ouch!

But for the quiet masses whose lives are made a misery by feral neighbours and their children, the news is a brilliant start to 2012, even though the proposals, if voted through, won't come into effect for another year.

Now, according to the Daily Telegraph, households whose members act up could face having their benefits docked by anything from £56 up to £560 depending on the seriousness of their anti-social behaviour.

And that could be anything from criminal activity to even being a gang member. The council is also considering cutting benefits for those not bothering to make an effort to find a job. These new plans go a long way from the current position where only those claimants who are jailed have their benefits cut.

Though there are likely to be a few scores waiting to be settled, the council is putting an assessment scheme run by council officers in place to make sure that any reported problems are based on fact, not malice.

You can bet there will be an outcry from those who prize the welfare state above all else and no doubt the culprits will demand a complex appeals process where they can argue the toss about why the should continue to get something for nothing.

Make no mistake, it's gonna cause mayhem. And I, for one, can't wait.
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