The best car calendars for 2012

The New Year is nearly upon us and that Lucy Pinder calendar above your workstation has almost had its day.

Here's a selection of calendars to keep you happy while you count down the days to next Christmas. Click the links below to see more.
Classic Motoring 2012 Deluxe Calendar

This nostalgic calendar is a homage to motorsport of yesteryear, with 12 reproduced advertisements from the 30's to the 50's. My favourite is the 1958 24 Heures du Mans poster that looks like it's bursting off the page. Why can't adverts look like this anymore?

Top Gear Wall Calendar 2012

Remember the time when Top Gear was actually about cars? Well, this calendar has some fantastic shots from the last few series, including Jeremy in a Robin Reliant (on its side, naturally) and the Ferrari F40 and Porsche 959 going hell for leather around the Top Gear test track.

Classic Sports Cars 2012

With a great mix of high-quality photos from the brash but beautiful Cobra to the more humble Lotus Elan, this calendar is a must for any sports car fan who prefers their cars to be more involving and entertaining than the tech-laden gadget cars you can buy now. Now, how much is a Stag these days...

VW Camper 2012 Calendar

Whether it feels like 1969 or 2011, there will always without fail be a VW Camper calendar made. They may look more similar every year, but the truth is that we all love these Dubs with a passion, whether they're dropped to the floor or completely standard. The cult following will only ever grow stronger. This calendar features the best of modified and original examples, from Splitscreens to Bay models.

Dream Cars 2012 Calendar

With a range of photos from the hyper expensive Bentley Mulsanne at over £220,000 to the sublime McLaren MP4-12C, there's something for everyone each month . Let's hope the featured Audi e-tron does pave the way for new model design next year, just without the questionable name.
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