Porsche TV may not be available in Boxing Day sales

Porsche TV
We've seen some pretty weird stuff here in Autoblog towers. The crashed Ferrari coffee table we showed you earlier this year was mind boggling, but it could at least be appreciated as a form of art.
However, something we've yet to decide on is whether this Porsche media centre looks cool or just plain garish.

Featuring the rear end of a Porsche 996 that looks like it has crashed through a living room wall, a TV up to 42" can be mounted inside and rises up in seconds. The hazard lights add just a little more chintz to the whole affair et voila, you can watch Top Gear on Dave to your heart's content!

We think there's something missing here though. The rear wing on the Carrera 4 could be raised to reveal a Blu-ray player at the same time to make this setup complete.

Customers can apparently paint the car body and wheels any colour they want and only 100% genuine parts are used.

So, if you've got a spare few hours and are handy with a chainsaw, why not get down to your local crashed car centre and make a Honda NSX barbecue or a Mercedes SL shower. Who knows, it could catch on...

If German supercars aren't your thing, there's even a 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville TV table. Check out the videos below.

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