You think your last holiday was rubbish? How's about a coach tour of the M25...

Odd holiday destinations are all well and good. Want to go paddling in a swamp? Fine. Fancy clambering up and down ice ridges in the Arctic? Go ahead.

But we recently stumbled upon an interesting coach tour on the Brighton & Hove website – a coach tour of the M25, a road once voted the most depressing in the UK.

Yes, it seems that one of the least popular roads in the UK is now a viable day out for literally coach loads of people.

The tour will roll out on Thursday October 11th 2012, takes four hours to complete and will set willing passengers/masochists back a whole £15.

Here's the description from the website:

"M25 Orbital Coach Tour Thursday 11 October 2012

This day is designed for lovers of modern coach travel. The M25 has been named the least entertaining and most boring road in Britain over the years. BBC Radio 4 listeners voted it the most hated place in Britain in 2002, while in 2008 Caterham Cars claimed it was the country's worst driving road.

Let us try to prove these judgements wrong with a "flight of fancy" around the London Orbital. The coach direction will be decided on the day by the drivers and we will stop to take refreshment at the services, perhaps even made at Cobham to coincide with the opening of the new Cobham Services.

An entertaining commentary by our co-driver will accompany the journey covering interesting facts about the motorway's evolution. Passengers are invited to guestimate to the nearest mile the distance the coach will travel around the route, a bottle of Champagne is the prize for the closest.

If only actual commuters got a bottle of bubbly for completing their journeys to and from work.

While we're talking about the M25 it's worth noting that it had its 25th birthday this year. Have a few facts about it:

1. Its 118-mile length makes it one of the longest ring roads in the world

2. It's not quite a ring road, though. At the Dartford Crossing it briefly becomes the A282

3. At the national speed limit a full lap of the M25 would take one hour and forty minutes. This has never been successfully achieved*

4. One chunk of the road is twelve lanes wide

5. It was flippin' expensive to build – the final bill was £909 million, that's £7.5m per mile. Ouch.

Anyway, it seems there are worse places to go on holiday than Bognor Regis...

*May be a lie

Facts source: Auto Trader

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