Women fret over Christmas presents

Picture of a female Santa with a zebra19 out of 20 women worry about whether a recipient will like their Christmas present, according to a new survey in Psychologies magazine (although our source on this story was a Psychologies press release). A quarter of them have concerns about opening a present in front of the giver, in case it sucks.
The woman in the picture, for example, is going to have to be very careful about the recipient of that zebra, whether they have the space etc.

Other concerns

Women are - if the 1000 Psychologies asked are anything to go by - so sensitive to the issues involved in giving gifts that 96% of them would keep quiet if they didn't like a present. 70% don't expect a gift in return but one in five of them feel undervalued if they don't get anything back.

Personally I find dispersing some of the potential disappointment with a little humour helps - my wife will find two of the gift tags on her presents on Sunday read not "To X with love" but "I've got the receipt". Not hilarious but it opens the door to taking the thing back if she wants.

Over on my personal blog at LifeOver35 - nothing to do with AOL Money - I've been looking at inexpensive last minute gifts for men. Concerned females are welcome to have a look through this link.

Mostly the report stresses that three out of four women don't feel the gifts are the main thing about Christmas anyway. And 93% of them are motivated by love when giving gifts, rather than pride, greed or sex.
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