Woman makes hoax bomb call - to stop husband flying to see 'mistress'

Woman claims husband carrying bomb - to stop him boarding flight to see 'mistress'PA

A woman has been charged with providing false information after claiming her husband was carrying a bomb - to prevent him from getting on a plane to see his 'mistress'.

Johnna Woolfolk made the bomb hoax call to AirTran Airways on 27 November, and he was intercepted at the airport.

According to the Daily Mail, the man, who was attempting to fly from Los Angeles to LA, told the Torrance Daily Breeze that he was having marital problems.

Mrs Woolfolk's defence attorney explained that she was going through stress caring for her dying mother, and believed her husband was cheating on her.

FBI Special Agent David Gates said: "She stated that she was not thinking, she did not want to hurt anyone and did not want to cause harm."

She is expected to plead guilty during a hearing on 9 January after striking a plea bargain.

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