Is 2014's Audi R8 going to be auto only?

We dearly love the Audi R8. It's a supercar done well – you can see out of it, the world goes a little bit backwards when you use your 'go faster' foot and, of course, Iron Man drives one.

Still, it's been around for a while now and rumours are beginning to slip out about a possible mid-life facelift and then a replacement. One such rumour is that the next gen R8, like all future Ferraris, won't come with a manual gearbox.'Purists' everywhere will be hanging their heads, Charlie Brown style, with disappointment. The report comes from Car magazine, which said that not only is Audi binning its stick shift, but its V10 as well. Perhaps emulating the BMW M5's move to a twin-blown V8. That's not been seen as a bad thing, after all.

We called Audi UK and asked if there's any truth in this most vicious of rumours.

Audi's spokesperson commented: "As far as we're aware there's no replacement R8 in 2014. We don't know anything about the next generation R8 yet because it's too far off."

Yes, Audi has set a precedent by getting rid of the manual option in the S4 and S5 hyper-barges, but would they do that to the R8? We suspect not, or they'll have Tony Stark to answer to.

Source: Car Magazine
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