Fastest Audi S4 in the world hits 242mph

When you're a man with a dream that might possibly be achievable you swiftly find that there's little that can get in your way until you manage it. Jeff Gerner is one such man.

One of Jeff's dreams was to drive a silly, silly speeds on the salt flats at Bonneville Speed Week. So, armed with an Audi S4, some awesome wheels (look at them!) and a parachute (not to mention extensive engine modifications) he headed there from Kansas City to break a record.Speaking to, Gerner said his wife wasn't too hard to convince: "As far as convincing Linda, who is by nature, risk averse, I just told her that I had no death wish and that I would select a vehicle that would be very safe, as safe as possible, in the extreme high speed environment. Linda being my biggest and most important supporter said 'OK you better get to it'!"

So he chose the most reliable car he could think of, a 1992 Audi S4. The car, essentially an A4 with a whacking great engine in it (hence the title, before anyone pipes up) is one of Gerner's favourites. He reckoned it would be fine at extremely high speeds and he's a little bit in love with its turbocharged five-cylinder engine.

Anyway, head on over to to read the full interview and find out just how he got in to racing, how he knew that particular S4 would be stable at high speed, what happened on his second run and how Skoda's Bonneville world record was nearly broken.

Source: via many people on Twitter

The World's Fastest Audi - Landspeed record attempt in a 1992 Audi S4 from on Vimeo.
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