All I want for Christmas is...a higher insurance premium

Picture of Suzy Perry with an iPadIPod, iPad, Kindle, Android phone, to read some of the advertising copy out there you'd think these were the only presents on anybody's list when it came to Christmas. There will in fact be a lot of gadgets given on Sunday but there's a catch: have you thought about what the presence of all this elecronic jiggery-pokery will do to your need for insurance?
Insurance comparison service has issued a release suggesting Christmas gifts could add £1000 to the valuation of contents in households, more than usual because more people are dishing out expensive gadgets than before.

Add-in insurance

The site is particularly keen to discourage people from buying the insurances that are available at the point of sale, whether you're buying online or in person. There's always an extended warranty or assurance against accidental damage.

Moneymaxim's point is that you do need insurance in case there is an accident or theft or something. However, it points out that there are retailers who'll rush you for £12 a month for insurance on (say) an iPhone whereas they can source the same cover for £20 a year.

It also makes little sense to insure items individually as they are purchased when you could be getting a tailored policy to cover everything you own, new and old.
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