Is this set to be the new national dish of Scotland?

Deep fried butter balls fried in Irn Bru in Scotland also known as Braveheart Butter BombsPA

This picture may resemble something from a bushtucker trial, but we are reliably informed that it's actually a delicious melt-in the mouth dessert – and it's taking Scotland by storm.

Created by chefs at the Fiddlers Elbow in Edinburgh, deep fried butter balls, aka "heart attacks on a plate" is a dish to rival the famous deep fried Mars bar, created to cheer up locals and tourists in this time of doom and gloom.

With an added twist, the butter balls are soaked in Irn Bru batter and served with ice cream, while those wanting to go to greater extremes can order their Braveheart Butter Bombs fried in whisky batter.

The dish was devised by Simon Robertson, head chef (pictured below right), and Paul Fitchie, a former chef with Harvey Nichols.

While fried butter is already a popular dish in the US, it's believed that this is the first time that deep fried butter has been offered on a Scottish menu.

Want to try them at home? Simple. Make a handfull of butter balls, freeze them, the dip them in batter soaked with Irn Bru. Cook in hot oil until they brown, et voila! Cue the coronary...

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