Video: The Hulk takes a road trip in a Toyota Yaris

Toyota Yaris
We love a good viral marketing campaign here at Autoblog and Toyota's latest is rather wonderful.

Rather than go for something subversive like a big quiz or virtual game of hide and seek, Toyota went the route of Cartoon Network's Robot Chicken and teamed up with Marvel to create one of the most bizarre road trips imaginable.
Using action figures of Marvel's brightest and best the firm has decided to pop the Incredible Hulk, Punisher and Dr. Strange together in a new Yaris for a road trip.

How have they steered such luminaries into such a situation? In Toyota's mind Strange is a therapist and, well, Bruce Banner's anger management issues are well known.

We've got part one of the bound-to-be-epic road trip here, do keep an eye out for future instalments.

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