Video: Runaway cart runs down American football officials

Video footage has been captured of an unmanned electric cart mowing down a group of officials standing on an American football field after a match.

The incident, which happened at the Dallas Cowboys stadium in Arlington, Texas, left seven people injured - one of them hospitalised.
Pockets of people had gathered onto the football field after a high school American football match between Spring Dekaney and Cibolo Steele (should you happen to know anything about high school football) to celebrate the former's victory.

Spring Dekaney's head coach Willie Amendola was among those run over by the cart, which appeared to gone on its pilot-less escapade after getting an orange sideline yard marker stuck on top of the accelerator.

The cart was eventually stopped when an unnamed spectator jumped onto it, removed the marker and stepped on the brakes.

Watch the video below:
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