Ford to debut Fiesta-based SUV

Nissan created a canny little bandwagon with the Juke - nobody had done a chunky faux-by-four of such peewee proportions prior. .

Well, thanks to the Fiesta SUV concept, just announced officially along with the teaser picture above, we now know that Ford will be one of the first makers to jump on it.
The teaser shot is the first ever official glimpse of the car, which will get its global debut at the New Delhi Auto Show. You probably didn't know existed until now, right, but it's real: 1.4 million people will go to it in January.

Why India and not Detroit? Because the Fiesta SUV will be sold there, and be launched as the second of an eight-model product offensive that will see Ford tap into the highly lucrative emerging Indian market.

Like all things Ford, though, it's a global car, so we'll get it too, probably launched in production form at the end of 2012, with sales starting in 2013.

Most versions will be front-wheel drive, but it will get SUV credibility by way of an optional 4x4 drivetrain. Three-cylinder petrol EcoBoost engines will power it, as well as diesels from the lower echelons of the Focus range.

When it eventually hits the shops, this miniscule SUV will take its place as the fourth Fiesta-based car, along with the three- and five-door hatchbacks, and the forthcoming B-Max MPV.

Fingers crossed Ford will do a version with with the drivetrain of a Ford GT inside it, give that cocky Juke R something to think about...
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