Boris' new hop-on hop-off bus runs out of fuel on the M1

Boris' new hop-on hop-off bus runs out of fuel on the M1PA

It was only unveiled on Friday, but by Monday Boris' brand new hop-on hop-off London bus ran out of fuel on the M1.

The 'eco' bus, which runs on a hybrid diesel-electric motor, has been billed as the most environmentally-friendly vehicle of its kind on London's roads, and Boris proudly launched it in Trafalgar Square at the weekend.

But the double-decker came to a stop on the M1 as it was en route to the Millbrook testing centre in Bedfordshire.

According to The Sun, the 'green' bus, which took inspiration from the iconic Routemaster bus that went out of service in 2005. recharges its battery using energy from the brakes, but on longer journeys it fills up on diesel.

A Transport for London spokesman said: 'We will be speaking with the operator to ensure that this does not happen again.'

Seven of the new buses are scheduled to come into service in February 2012. They will be operated by transport company Arriva, and will enter passenger service on route 38, which runs from Victoria station to Hackney in east London.

Boris hailed the fact that the bus was designed and made in Britain, unlike the German bendy buses, and the fact it will make the roads safer for cyclist commuters.

But Labour critics have attacked the new buses, claiming they are nothing more than a 'vanity project', suggesting that is excessive at a time when fare prices are rising sharply and Britain is facing another recession.

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