UK's most (and least) pothole-proof cars revealed

Someone has concocted a useful list of the car manufacturers best at building cars resistant to pothole damage.

The information will be good news to those that have given up on expecting the councils to sort out the roads; drivers can now simply buy from the manufacturer whose cars are most resilient. Or stop driving into potholes.
According to car warranty provider Warranty Direct, a Honda is most likely to sail over a pothole without sustaining any damage, while those in a Chrysler should avoid potholes like Mario Balotelli avoids sitting at home with a nice cup of tea. .

Warranty Direct's data says that only 1.4 percent of the Hondas it covers suffer suspension damage caused by potholes in any given year. By contrast, 12.2 percent of the Chryslers on Warranty Direct's books report damage during the same period.

Pothole damage can be hugely expensive to repair, with the average suspension claim costing £309, but some repairs nudging £2,500.

"With last year's road damage barely dealt with, a repeat of those harsh winter weather conditions could see our highways deteriorate to the worst state they've been in for a generation.

"As councils struggle to solve the pothole problem, consumers can at least be smart about their vehicle of choice. We've found some cars have an uncanny ability to absorb the jolts from even the most severe road craters, while others aren't so resilient," said a Warranty Direct person.

The top ten 'resilient' manufacturers to pothole damage are:

Honda: 1.4% (yearly incident rate)
Toyota: 1.5%
Hyundai: 1.7%
Nissan: 2.0%
Kia: 2.1%
Mitsubishi: 2.2%
MINI: 3.0%
Suzuki: 3.1%
Ford: 3.4%
Mazda: 3.4%

And the worst:

Chrysler: 12.2%
Smart: 10.6%
Mercedes-Benz: 10.4%
Land Rover: 10.1%
Jaguar: 9.4%
Saab: 8.5% (RIP)
Fiat: 7.4%
BMW: 6.8%
SEAT: 6.6%
Vauxhall: 6.5%
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