Police nick drug baron's Ferrari and use it themselves

The Columbian police are something special. Having seized a Ferrari 348 from a notorious Columbian drugs baron, they could have scrapped or sold it.

But no, "we're having this," they thought, so they slapped on a set of blues and twos so they could use it as the coolest criminal catcher ever.
The 1991 Ferrari 348 was the beloved runabout of notorious drugs cartel boss Luis Hernando Gomez, and was taken as part of a huge and complicated operation that saw him stripped of around £60m worth of assets.

Gomez is currently in a US jail for transporting huge quantities of cocaine across international borders.

It's unlikely that the Ferrari will go unto regular traffic cop service, but it makes a splendid trophy for the police in the fight against drug crime.

Gomez loved the car so much that he kept it in pristine fettle, and it was found with only 1,800 miles on the clock. Not a runabout at all, then.

And that's the main reason why it couldn't be sold: nobody would buy it, for fear they'd be killed for having the audacity to drive it.

Therefore, the police felt it would be the ultimate ignominy for Gomez to see his 300bhp formerly red Ferrari favourite dressed on police decals.

But which is better: a Ferrari police car or a Lamborghini one?
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