'Picasso' of 3D pavement art launches amazing book

'Picasso' of 3D pavement art launches amazing bookPA

American artist Kurt Wenner has travelled the world for 30 years amazing people with his stunning 3D pavement drawings.

And now the artist has brought all his best pieces together in a new book called Asphalt Renaissance, which has taken 10 years to collate.

'Picasso' of 3D pavement art launches amazing bookPA

Some of his drawings include a giant street picnic in Islington, London, a 'sofa' piece at Waterloo station, and a vault with money spilling out of it, also at Waterloo.

The world-famous artist, a former NASA illustrator, has also drawn Spider-Man leaping across buildings and a car teetering on the edge of a spiralling highway.

'Picasso' of 3D pavement art launches amazing bookPA

Wenner uses homemade pastels to create his masterpieces, which can take up to seven days to draw. And he has his own special technique for mastering the 3D effect, too.

He told The Sun: "The pieces look real because they are calculated to be perfectly and mathematically accurate. It's exactly how they would look if the objects in my paintings were actually there."

The 52-year-old took up street painting full time in 1982 after he left his job at NASA and travelled to Rome to study visual art.

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