Video: Rhys Millen makes Hyundai Gymkhana with a plot

Hyundai USA had a unique situation on its hands. The firm had a big, empty HQ ready to be torn down, a pro drifter and not much to do of an afternoon.

If you were in the same situation, what would you do? Would you create a loose story as an excuse to pitch a Hyundai Genesis Coupé against a rent-a-cop in a motorised box? Because that's what Hyundai did.
The Korean firm teamed up with racer Rhys Millen (not for the first time) and devised a plot that saw him try to 'steal' his Genesis drift car from a public display outside Hyundai's HQ.

Naturally there's an inept security guard involved and when he notices what's going down hilarity ensues.

Think of this video as a Ken Block Gymkhana with a decent (ish) plot and without adverts for overpriced clothing (or Ken Block, for that matter).

It's Friday afternoon, so why not have a quick break and watch a man steal his own race car from his employers?

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