Video: Aston Martin tries to make the Cygnet look cool in Hong Kong

Yesterday we showed you a video from Aston Martin describing how 'hand made' the Cygnet is.

You see, taking a Toyota iQ and throwing some fancy seats, a new badge and a body kit at it does not a new car make. But Aston still wants to sell some, so they've made a rather swish video of a Cygnet in Hong Kong.You know what, the atom-sized Aston looks rather good, as does its driver (sorry to be base, but she does).

It seems that seeing it on empty roads, in the twilight, being driven by its ideal client does make the Cygnet look like an attractive proposition. Well, it does until 00:43 when you see the vid's star press a distinctly Toyota start button.

Seriously, folks, save your money and buy an iQ instead.

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