SSE energy to refund after mis-selling

scottish and southern energyPA

Utility companies and their former attachment to doorstep selling has never been an entirely comfortable position. Claims of mis-selling and pressure from Ofgem have persuaded most of the big six suppliers to move away from the approach. However, they are still dealing with the fallout.

Scottish and Southern Energy scrapped the practice back in July, but has now announced it will be repaying £5 million to approximately 400,000 customers who were misled into switching.


In November it was found guilty of two counts of misleading selling practices. Some doorstep salespeople used sheets of paper which they claimed were print outs showing that customers were paying too much for their energy. In reality, they showed no such thing.

This week it has promised to repay anyone who lost out as a result. The company announced: "While it is not possible to predict precisely how many customers may have suffered a financial loss as a result of switching energy supplier, SSE believes that around £5m should be sufficient to meet any claims under the guarantee arising from energy sales between October 2009 and the end of 2011."

Anyone who switched after October 2009, feels they may have not been given the full picture when they were choosing whether to switch, and thinks they may have suffered financially as a result, may be entitled to a refund.
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