End of muddy festival tents? Glastonbury to get new £5m hotel

End of muddy festival tents? Glastonbury to get new £5m hotelStock photo, Glastonbury Festival: PA

Forget sleeping in a squelchy muddy tent at future Glastonbury festivals... plans for a new £5m Premier Inn are afoot.

If planning is given the go-ahead, the hotel will include 60 bedrooms in a 2,070 sqm three-storey building.

There'll also be a two-storey restaurant designed for up to 190 people in case you fancy escaping the burger van.

The owner, Whitbread, said the proposed development would support overnight visitors without any negative effects, telling This is Somerset that "given the limited hotel accommodation of the nature proposed within Glastonbury town centre, it is considered that there will not be a negative impact on the town centre".

Other hoteliers in the area, like Simon Sturt, disagree. He told the paper: "We've already seen the Travelodge impact on our off season trade.

"To their 55 rooms add another 60 marketed on similar lines, with the additional 190 seats in the restaurant, and I think that would undermine the infrastructure of our tourist trade."

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