BMW won't be taking on the R8 any time soon

BMW i8

When you're one of the biggest car firms in the word it's hard not to take notice of what your competitors are doing.

While BMW's competitors have been building niché busters like the CLS and the A7 for a while now, the Bavarians appeared to be dawdling. The firm has only just caught up, releasing the Gran Coupé seven years after the CLS first rolled onto the scene.
So, when the Audi R8 was launched it was only a matter of time before people began asking when BMW was going to catch up and build its own supercar. Mercedes had the SLR (more of a hypercar, mind) and the SLS on the way and what did BMW have? Nothing, really.

Well, got the chance to ask North America's M-Division Product Manager, Matt Russell what BMW's planning.

Russell told the site: "We've discussed these possibilities. But ultimately, we didn't feel the need to make a very exclusive high-end supercar and we still don't. I already firmly believe that we produce supercars, except that they're two in one: an executive car with supercar performance. They are the essence of BMW M-Cars."

So that's really a big fat "no", then.

Russell went on to tell the site that the E92 M3 pretty much matches the V8 Audi R8 in terms of performance and braking, so why should the firm create something unnecessarily large and expensive?

Admittedly the M-Division and BMW may have its eye on the eco-tabulous i8, but we can't help but feel a little sad that the M boys aren't going to give the world a supercar.

Yes, an M3 can do everything an R8 can and still carry luggage but Russell missed the point of making a supercar: You do it because you can.

Source: Via Left Lane News
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