Bah brum-bug! Traffic jams high on 'ten things we hate about Christmas' list

As a nation of moaners, we British are good at finding stuff not to like about even the 'most wonderful time of the year'.

So satellite navigation company TomTom thought it would seize upon this very British institution and give us a chance to complain. And if they happen to sell a couple more sat navs along the way, what the heck.
Funnily enough, traffic jams* are one of the things that we hate most about the festive season, because while each of us has the right to drive around more at Christmas, everyone else should get off the roads.

Yuletide traffic jams are third on the list, in fact, with 45 percent of us claiming them as a top gripe. Apparently they're not as bad as TV repeats or Cliff Richard's Millennium Prayer, though, because when we're not sitting in our cars moaning, we're sitting in front of the telly or radio doing it. Feasting from a box of Toffifee resting on top of a sprout-swelled gut.

The full list of Christmas pet hates is below, but before we get to that, let's pause for a moment while 'spokesman for TomTom' does his sales push.

"We think of Christmas as a happy and fun event and it is...mostly! But let's face it, there are aspects that do not add to the general goodwill, and one of those is being stuck in traffic jams. We can't do much about too many repeats on TV or Cliff Richard on the radio - but we can help those who want to avoid the worst of the Christmas traffic."

In the interests of editorial balance: give a Garmin.

Anyhoo, here are our top ten Christmas hates, as sponsored by TomTom:

Too many TV repeats: 50%
Cliff Richard's Millennium Prayer: 49%
Christmas traffic jams: 45%
Shopping: 33%
Relentless festive music: 32%
Doing Christmas cards: 24%
Eating/drinking too much: 21%
Drunken office parties: 20%
Realising you need to diet in January: 19%
Driving to the in-laws: 17%
Stupid jumpers: 17%
Spending too much time with family: 16%

'Having to read about surveys made up in order to sell stuff' was number eleven on the list, we heard.

*Absolutely no free biscuits were handed out to people that answered 'traffic jams' during the survey. Absolutely none.
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