Royal wedding was fastest-rising search of 2011

The royal wedding this summer was the fastest-rising search term of the year, internet search titan Google has revealed.

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The big G has released its annual analysis of the most popular searches in the UK across a host of different categories - and there are a few unexpected results along with some all-too-predictable ones.

As ever, the outright most-popular searches were dominated by the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Hotmail and Ebay - but quite why "Google" was the fifth most-popular term typed into Google is a bit of a mystery.

Also high street retailer Argos must be doing well online because it was ninth in the overall list - sandwiched between Amazon and Yahoo!

But from a topical point of view it is the fast-rising and fast-falling search terms which tell the most interesting story - and as expected the fastest-rising search was Kate and Wills' nuptials.

However the rest of the top five was rounded-out with product-related searches for iPhone 5, Fifa 12, Groupon and iPad 2.

The list of fastest-falling people provided more humiliation for Lib Dem leader and Deputy PM Nick Clegg in top spot - followed by Maradona, Alicia Keys, Heidi Montag and Alexandra Burke.

And while you might have expected Amy Winehouse to be the fastest-rising person she could only make number five on the list - behind Ryan Dunn, Adele, Rebecca Black and Ed Sheeran.

Late Apple boss Steve Jobs was only seventh on the list.

Our favourite result however is in the "What Is" searches, where "scampi" took a surprise second place.

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