Aston rebuffs Cygnet 'tarted up Toyota' claims with videos

We've known about Aston's bid to lower its average CO2 output for a while now – the Gaydon-based firm is taking Toyota iQs, sticking an Aston-esque bodykit on them, doing up the interior and sticking on a £30-£50k price tag.

Very few people have been kind about the car. Mostly because it's a novel way to extract obscene amounts of money out of willing customers and it seems that everyone aside from the mega-rich are clever enough to see through the plan.

Aston, however, has other ideas – the firm is keen to prove that even though the Cygnet uses Toyota's chassis, electrics, engine, gearbox and, you know, whole car, it's still very much an Aston Martin.

The video below sees a CygQ painted, have its seats upholstered, body kit glued on and an Aston Martin badge popped in place.

What you don't see is the truck from Toyota wheeling in with many iQ shells ready to be 'repurposed' for Cygnet production.

Aston is very defensive of its little car. When it was revealed, Aston's head honchos even went on video (also below) to say what a wonderful idea the Cygnet is. This was before sales started and didn't really meet expectations.

Don't get us wrong, we do love Aston Martin, it's the coolest brand in the UK, but the Cygnet just doesn't feel like an Aston should. Not special, but a cash-in.

Here's a Cygnet being 'hand made':

And these two REALLY want you to believe the Cygnet is more than an iQ:

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