Recession turning the UK into a nation of dodgy dealers

Car clocking
Research by used car website Trusted Dealers, has found that 1 in 5 people admit to telling lies when selling their car.

'Money' was listed as the main reason why the 20,000 people surveyed were dishonest, suggesting that many motorists are increasingly willing to tell lies and cut corners because of the pressure of getting the most money possible for their car in these tough economic conditions.
People were most keen to hide existing faults, with 34% designed to cover up mechanical issues and 10% hiding an incomplete service history.

However, these were less serious as one in ten motorists was prepared to tell porkies about their car's mileage, with 5% failing to mention the fact that their car had been involved in a previous accident.

Buyer beware if you're looking at cars in Scotland, as the research also revealed the Scots are most likely to twist the truth (27%), with lying Londoners and wheeler dealer Essex Boys following closely behind.

The most trustworthy part of the UK was Yorkshire, with fewer than 13% of sellers prepared to tell a lie.
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