Eterniti Supercar-SUV on sale in April. No joke.

Remember Eterniti? That's the London-based car company that sprang out of nowhere just before the Frankfurt Motor Show this year and promised it would make the world's first super-SUV.

What transpired was a Porsche Cayenne in a body kit and a lot of promises. To be frank, if it weren't for the knowledge that buying a plot at a prominent motor show is mind-blowingly expensive, we might have reported it as an elaborate joke.
Evidently, the Frankfurt show car was far from the finished product, because as the picture above shows, the super-SUV, called the Hemera, is developing into a unique sort of monster. It still looks like a Cayenne, except now it has a massive, gaping snout.

It's around 600bhp strong, and it's currently being developed under the experienced eye of ex-Jaguar engineer Alastair Macqueen, responsible for the XJ220, with ex-F1 driver Johnny Herbert helping test drive the thing around go kart tracks. True.

London-based and synonymous with a string of exes? Sounds like Russell Brand would make a good owner.

Eterniti claims that, rather than being a body kit special, the donor car (a Cayenne Turbo, to be specific) is fully stripped and rebuilt, so that it beats the Porsche for handling dynamics while offering Rolls-Royce-matching space, luxury and comfort.

We'll believe that when we see it...which will be at the April Beijing Motor Show, Eterniti has confirmed. It will cost north of £150,000 when it goes on sale from Eterniti's custom London base (also under development) from the middle of 2012.

But we still have a question: who's bankrolling all this? The best guess anyone here has made so far is Mike Ashley, because it's baffling but also makes a strange sort of sense. (One for the Toon fans there.)

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