Over a quarter of a million accidents expected this winter

Icy conditions on our roads are a major contributor to car accidents, with new research showing that there could be over 260,000 crashes this winter.
The research by supermarket bank Sainsbury's also found that 1.3 million motorists were involved in an accident due to icy conditions in the past five years, with the average repair bill to fix the damage costing £1,773.

A high proportion of drivers try to avoid the roads completely in ice and snow, with 22% of 2,006 respondents saying they only venture out if they have to, with nearly 10% refusing to go out at all.

Women are much less likely to drive in bad winter conditions, according to the survey; 38% try to avoid driving in harsh winter weather compared to 20% of men.

Sainsbury's took 12 drivers on a skid pan and the results they found were that half of the participants could not control the car in a skid before training, while after training 91% could safely control the car and avoid an accident situation.

The video below shows how they got on.

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