I wanna hold your hand: Penguins pictured having romantic moment

I wanna hold your hand: Penguins pictured having romantic momentCaters

It might look like a chilly scene, but there's certainly no frost between these two penguin partners as they 'hold hands' in a seriously cute intimate moment.

The romantic gesture at Port Lockroy, a natural harbour in the Antarctic Peninsula, was captured on camera by Romanian professional photographer Silviu Ghetie, while on a polar expedition.

He was initially attracted by the landscape, but soon spotted the loved-up penguins, which provided him with his first wildlife picture.

He told the Daily Mail: "It looked like they were two lovers, hand in hand in front of a beautiful landscape and looking into each other's eyes.

"They were far far away from the rest of the group so it was easy to believe they were having a romantic moment alone.

"They stood there for about two minutes before they were interrupted by another penguin.

"It was at this point that they walked off together and made their way to the ocean. It was a very surreal moment."

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