Honda release new game to fight boredom

Honda cutaway
In this digital and social age, car makers are constantly trying to entice new customers through inventive and creative marketing campaigns.

The simple spec sheet and arty brochure are taking a back seat while interactive games and videos pave the way for consumer focus.
This is good news for us members of the public, who get to see a much more detailed insight into how a car develops and the technology.

Now Honda, aces at shaking off boring PR gumpf and producing memorable ads like The Cog, have come up with The Experiment.

It's a game and interactive video in one, and it has some incredibly detailed graphics in it. Users can see the new Civic's shell and listen for 'the perfect engine note' and see interviews with the designers who worked on the new shape.

There's also a fun (if slightly bizarre) interactive game where you can shoot targets and lay eggs via solar panels.

Thoroughly confused? We were a little too, but it's well worth a look and is actually rather addictive.

Check out the video below to see what it's all about. You can click the link to play the game at any time.

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