Detroit Motor Show: Honda NSX Concept to appear

Honda NSX

A few years back the public was told that in no circumstances would there ever, ever be a new Honda NSX. Heads were bowed, tears were shed and we all moved on.

Of course, there were rumours that the NSX would return but they'd all be denied until recently. Honda confirmed today that it's bringing a concept version of the NSX supercar to the Detroit Motor Show.
The old model is lauded as automotive royalty. It was conceived in 1984 as the HP-X concept and came with a 2.0-litre V6 engine. However, as time went on Honda decided that its performance benchmark would be the Ferrari 328, which morphed into the 348 as the NSX neared completion.

To this end the 2.0-litre V6 was dumped and a 3.0-litre VTEC (yo) was popped in its place.
Famously, the NSX's development was prodded along by the venerable Ayrton Senna. The late racer is essentially God to some people which means the NSX is held close to many people's hearts.

We know very few details for now, but rest assured we'll tell you more when we know it.
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