Wind farm use could lead to power cuts?

wind farmAt least five turbines will need to be installed every day in order to keep to the Government's targeted amount of electricity from wind power, according to a new report from the right-wing Adam Smith Institute and the Scientific Alliance - a report that challenges Government's claims that wind power should be cheaper and greener in the long run.


The two groups claims wind turbines and solar panels simply can't take the place of gas, coal and nuclear because they are weather-dependent and therefore 'unrealistic'. "Present policies will lead to an energy crisis by the middle of this decade."

It's even being suggested that Britain could face South Africa-style power black-outs should demand exceed supply in future - a worrying lack of energy security.

However, I would take some of these scare 'reports' with more than a pinch of salt. The Scientific Alliance has doggedly opposed much of the climate change argument for some years and is also highly pro-genetically modified foods. In fact, this new report does not acknowledge the worry of climate change at any level, which weakens its case.

The appliance of science

The government still hopes that wind turbines will supply a third of UK electricity by 2020. Even if the target is missed, it make sense to to continue to utilize a free source of energy that is super-abundant in the UK, rather than importing more fossil fuel.

A mixed approach has to make sense; don't forget these 'green' technologies' are young and their efficiency will improve considerably over time.

Another report called Powering Scotland suggests that Scotland could earn up to £2bn a year from becoming a leader in renewable technology - and with half of the electricity generated inside Scotland exported. You can read the Powering Scotland report here. Read the Adam Smith-Scientific Alliance report here.
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