The chores killed by technology

People are always extolling the virtues of modern technology such as smartphones, GPS systems, cloud storage and the internet - but we seldom pause to consider the chores that have been eliminated by these new wonders.

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  1. Smartphones
  2. Online backup
  3. Booking holidays online
  4. GPS systems
  5. Photo printing
  6. Maps
  7. Mobile internet
  8. Cinema times
  9. Online banking
  10. Recording TV

A new poll has examined the mundane tasks that we no longer do, and the list might make you start to feel all nostalgic for the 1990s.

Getting photos printed, ringing the cinema for film times and using public telephones all now seem to belong to a bygone era - as do setting the VHS recorder, popping into the travel agents to book a holiday and looking things up in an encyclopedia.

The survey was commissioned by a company called which sells online backup services, and asked people what they no longer did because of technology.

Top 20 disappearing chores...

1. Ring the cinema to find out times

2. Going into the travel agents to research a holiday

3. Record things using VHS

4. Dial directory enquiries

5. Use public telephones

6. Book tickets for events over the phone

7. Print photos

8. Put a classified ad in the shop window

9. Ring the speaking clock

10. Carry portable CD players

11. Write handwritten letters

12. Buy disposable cameras

13. Take plenty of change for pay phones

14. Make mix tapes

15. Pay bills at the post office

16. Use an address book

17. Check a map before or during car journey

18. Reverse charges in payphones

19. Go into the bank or building society to conduct your business

20. Buy TV listings

What do you miss doing most, and least, because of technology? Comment below...
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