Driving and dialling still rife despite bigger fines

The latest figures showing how many people are nicked for using their phones while driving have shown that bigger fines and the threat of points aren't really deterrents.

It seems that 171,000 drivers received fines over the 2010/2011 period, more than the previous year.
Swiftcover.com obtained the data using Freedom of Information requests and found that even with the totals from 41 of the nation's 43 police forces more drivers were caught than in 2006 – the year before fines were doubled.

There are a couple of other worrying stats in there: 56 people were fined for using their phones while they were supervising learner drivers, for example. The insurance firm also found that five percent of motorists will freely admit to using social networking sites while on the move. A worrying 12 percent of 18-34 year olds claim to do so.

Robin Reames, chief claims officer at swiftcover.com, said: ''It's clear that current measures to stop motorists using their phones while driving simply aren't working. An irresponsible but substantial minority of motorists are continuing to flout laws and endanger others, all for the sake of a phone call that could be taken at another time.''

The long and the short of all this? Turn your phone off when you're driving and stay safe. Or you'll find your wallet lighter... Oh, and you might kill someone.
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