Clumsy wrapping costs collector £12,000

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We've all had those moments when we've watched our belongings become decidedly less valuable. We may regret the decision to serve beetroot while simultaneously using our favourite tablecloth. We may rue the day we failed to move a vase to a higher shelf when the house was full of toddlers.

However, few of us have made one poor decision that cost us £12,000.

Expensive chip

This was the fate that befell one antiques collector, who saw the value of a priceless antique plummet through the floor after he dropped it - while wrapping it up to take it to be valued.

Alan Bridges had picked up the vase for just £3 at a car boot sale, but was so convinced he had a bargain that he couldn't resist the chance to take it to a local filming of The Antiques Roadshow. Unfortunately he was so excited by the potential value of his find that when he was wrapping it up to take, he dropped it and chipped the side.

On his arrival he realised the magnitude of his mistake. The experts told him that before the chip, the vase would have been worth £14,000. After it, it was worth just £2,000. It was the most expensive chip they had ever seen.

Silver lining

Retired businessman Mr Bridges, 75, of Colchester, put a brave face on it, saying "There'll be other finds out there." He also reminded viewers that he had his home and his family, so he still had all the important things in life.

I'm sure he meant every word.

But somewhere deep down he must regret that moment of careless wrapping, and wishing a bit more time and bubble wrap could have netted him an extra £12,000.
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